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You made it! As the representative body for all SU registered student organizations (RSOs), it is our goal to make life on campus seamless and inclusive for all students and groups. The SGA has gathered tips, tutorials, resources and other helpful tools for current and prospective organizations to use, as well as the process for creating a brand new organization on campus!

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Offices & Departments Quick Contact List

Our Quick Contact List outlines the most relevant and frequently contacted

offices across Salisbury University's campus with contact methods and locations included for students to communicate questions and concerns regarding specific areas of campus life.

Color Bombs

RSO Marketing

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Marketing Guide

Use our comprehensive guide to optimize your event advertising and recruitment initiatives for prospective members.

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Forum Event

Request an RSO event announcement during our monthly Forum presentation to the campus community.

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Make the most of your posters

by following our map checklist with the best locations for display on campus.

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Publications Poster & Flyer Orders

Only an organization's CSIL

point-of-contact has access to complete purchase requests for poster and flyer work orders.

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Canva Design

Easily create free professional graphics and advertisements for events and social media

QR Code Generator

Quickly form QR codes for seamless accessibility to

web pages

Microsoft Forms

Securely design online forms that can be shared digitally for instant results

T-Shirt Order Form

Submit the following form to CSIL to begin ordering custom apparel for your organization

Audience at a Concert

RSO Events

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From I Love Salisbury to Big Event to Recycle Madness, check out the highlights of our annual fall and spring semester events.

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How to Reserve Rooms for Events

Watch how to reserve a room on campus and request technical services to make your event a success.

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Learn more about the monthly campus discussions hosted by the SGA, where every registered organization has representation.

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RSO Event Planning Checklist

Explore all the services to reserve for events, from full room setups to audio-visual requests, to guide your event planning.

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Room Setup Diagrams

Compare potential room setup options for on-campus spaces available to reserve

University Catering

Browse SU's Catering brochure featuring meals and dining options for events

Outdoor Electrical Map

View the electrical outlet locations across SU's campus

to use for events

Water Access Map

View the points of water access across SU's campus to use

for events

Studying on the Grass


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Find Student Organizations
on Campus

Getting involved on campus? Explore the 100+ organizations registered on Involved@SU, including the SGA!

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How to
Register a New Organization

Creating a new student group on campus? Use our step-by-step guide to register your new organization on Involved@SU.

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Add Events
& Meeting Times

Add your organization's events and meetings to Involved@SU to track attendance and be added

to Student Activities' daily email.

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RSO Constitution Template

Use our template to craft the founding document of your new organization, which is required during the registration process.


Involved@SU Home

Dive into SU's hub for all student organizations and FSL chapters on campus

Involved@SU Events

Explore upcoming RSO events already published on the Involved@SU platform

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